Meadows of Peace, the new Muslim cemetery

    On 23rd March 2017 it was announced that the first stage of the Meadows of Peace campaign had been successful and that the first phase of development of the new Muslim cemetery, based at Bristol Memorial Woodlands, could begin. The first burial took place on 28th November 2017

    Open 365 Days a Year

    Meadows of Peace is open 365 days a year and possesses the relevant permissions for Janazah (Islamic funerals) every day including weekends and bank holidays, ensuring that communities can perform Salatul Janazah (funeral prayers), bury the departed, and carry out Fard al-Kifiyah (personal & communal obligations) without the delays often experienced in UK cemeteries.

    Generous Plot Sizes

    Working alongside local communities, Mosques, Imams and Muslim funeral directors, Memorial Woodlands commissioned Kim Wilkie, a landscape designer, to produce designs for the new Muslim cemetery. Paramount to the design was that each body faced Qiblah, that the position of the finished grave was well marked and the space between plots generous. We fully believe that Meadows of Peace provides a natural burial ground that caters for the requirements of Islamic burial custom.

    Ongoing Development

    In January 2018 a temporary building was installed to accomodate a small kitchen area, a small prayer/meeting area and male and female toilets. This facility has been plumbed with water and foul drainiage and now has electricity. Further developments are in the pipeline.
    There is ongoing work to create raodways, trackways and a designated car park.

    What to do next

    The price of a plot at Meadows of Peace is £1,449.
    To reserve a plot directly or for any questions regarding Meadows of Peace please call 01454 423 076 or use the form below.

    Kim Wilkie

    Kim Wilkie is a Royal Designer for Industry and has held advisory positions within The National Trust, English Heritage and the Mayor of London’s Public Realm Advisory Group.

    His current projects include the redesign of the grounds of the Natural History Museum in London, plans for a series of estates in Ireland and the ongoing design of a new city for 280,000 people in open desert called Medinat Al Irfan near Muscat, Oman.

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